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Our life-long passion is helping and supporting human beings to heal, flourish and reach 

their potential.

As a measure of care for one another, our meetings will be held on ZOOM. In your confirmation email, you will find a ZOOM link to click. Meet you there. Hiro


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We work with individuals across the wide spectrum of mental health -from counselling & therapy to optimal performance psychology- aiming to achieve their full potential and maximize wellbeing. 


Our approach is holistic and comprehensive, combining performance psychology with science and applied technology, integrating neuroscience (neurofeedback and biofeedback), positive psychology, cognitive behavioural and mindfulness-based approaches (ACT, REBT, CBT).

What we do

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Mindfulness allows people to become truly aware of the present moment, to tell the difference between what they can change and cannot change, and then focus their attention on the things they can change (Khazan, 2013). With biofeedbacktechnology, you can see with your own eyes what is happening within your body.

Integrating Acceptance & Comittment Therapy (ACT) with mindfulness and biofeedback, you can become a master of your own mind and body.


Neurofeedback is a technique used to measure brain activity, using an electroencephalograph (EEG). Sensors are placed on various points on the scalp to observe and train different brainwaves such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Sensory Motor Rhythm, Beta.

This type of training is used to optimize brain functioning.


Positive psychology is the science branch of psychology that studies happiness. From the discoveries made in this field, we have many interventions we can use to increase  someone's well-being. See the happiness kit blog and download the free pdf to make one.



Trauma is usually caused by a disturbing event that gets locked in the nervous system and prevents normal and optimal flow in our daily functioning. By means of brain entrainment (light and sound stimulation) and EMDR

(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessiong) it is possible to unlock the nervous system and process that unconscious material.


Our services


Our interventions, whether through the use of neurofeedback, biofeedback,EMDR, brain entrainment or other forms of cognitive behavioural therapy, aim to support the brain, and the individual's understanding of it, to re-create new neuro-pathways, that are optimal and effective for the individual.



These individual sessions help individuals process and heal issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma.


These sessions provide support for individuals who wish to improve their performance and well-being.


Our interactive presentations are designed specifically for corporations or groups, with focus on well-being, happiness, team work & mental health.

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