Desiree Nielsen is so stylish that she reminds me a little bit of Jenna Lyons, owner of J Crew (aka one of my favourite brand ever).

Most importantly though, she is a registered dietician, a nutritionist extraordinaire. and mom on the go.

Here is a piece she posted about...

"Superhuman Summit is a single day speaker-focused event presenting ideas on how to advance your human potential. A collection of expert speakers, musical performances, and lunchtime breakouts led by unique specialists will lead you to become more superhuman.

This singl...

#Colin’s beautiful profile: "Simplyfing the world one excel sheet at a time." (The Dream Boy) Colin is our resident sales expert at Moment Meditation. He is a l

Rick Hanson. Oh Rick.

Rick is the real deal in the field of "neuro-dharma", connecting contemplative practices with psychology and contemporary neuro-science.

This weekend, Hiroko got the chance to hang out with the man himself for his workshop about Vipassana and Neuros...

#John’s beautiful profile: "Exemplifying the fruition of the inward journey of meditation practice and embodying goodness, basic goodness." When I met John, it

Matthew Corker.

Every time I have met socially Matt Corker, I had to take a mental note of how much I really liked him. There is something quite likeable about him. He is not the type who would over do it. No over cheering, no over compliments. He does not NEED new fri...

 This is my project for June, 25th and 26th, 2:00 pm- 7:00 pm. 


Over the course of four interactive modules, this workshop offers a combination of theory, practice, and technically based demonstrations to increase students’ capacity to understand and negotiate...

Thanks to the Social Yoga for hosting me. Social Yoga is a concept created around yoga and community. It entails highly creative and cool activities interlaced with a yoga class. You might have the Bike Gang- Social Yoga, where you go around town with your yoga friends...

The question I asked to my anorexic patient.

In my clinical work, sometimes I get to meet with girls, mostly, that struggle with body-related issues and eating disorders. One of the clients that touched my heart the most, is a delightful delicate soul, who I worked with...

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