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What if there was nothing wrong with you, or me, or any of us?


With the new advent of neuroscience, we now know so much more about the brain. Today we know that the brain is a plastic organ that learns from experience. We know that the brain of someone that is suffering looks different from the brain of someone that is flourishing.


Our interventions, whether through the use of neurofeedback, biofeedback, EMDR, brain entrainment or other forms of cognitive behavioural therapy, aim to support the brain, and the individual's understanding of it, to re-create new neuro-pathways, that are optimal and effective for the individual.



These individual sessions help individuals process and heal issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma. The sessions are designed to alleviate and resolve suffering through different techniques such as neurofeedback, biofeedback-based mindfulness, EMDR, light and sound entrainment.


These sessions provide support for individuals who wish to improve their performance and well-being. These optimal performance interventions are designed to identify individual strengths & core values and to remove internal blocks or conflict.  When appropriate, a variety of training techniques will be used including neurofeedback, biofeedback based mindfulness, Heart Rate Variability training, EMDR, light and sound entrainment.


Our interactive presentations are designed specifically for corporations or groups , with focus on well-being, happiness, team work & mental health. Upon request, these can include a demo using portable equipment.


We have presented for awesome companies like:

Westin Hotels, PWC, Kit&Ace, Arc'terix,

Lululemon Lab, Lawson Lundell LLP, Hootsuite

Some of the topics presented recently in Vancouver



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