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It was heart-warming to meet for coffee with Dai the other day and to catch up on our lives. I changed everything 3 years ago when, with 3 HUGE suitcases, my daughter and myself moved to Vancouver, 11000 km away from home. Tomorrow, Dai and his 3 girls are embarking on a big life adventure too. They gave away most of their STUFF ("it's all just stuff" Dai told me), the rest in 10 Rubbermaid boxes, and off they go. Travel the world for a year. No real fixed plans, Kelowna first, US after that, and then who knows. I love (and know) the courage of moving outside one's comfort zone and I love that there are no structured plans (that's the all point of living out of a suitcase, isn't it?).

In celebration of the BIG MOVE into the world, here is some info about Dai's brain, just in case you were wondering what his secret is:

#3 things about Dai’s beautiful brain

1.Super!!! FOCUSED at the top of the head (remember? the location called CZ). Dai is an achiever and a very focused, organized person. His Theta/Beta ratio is just amazing, indicating a high attention stamina. Remember: Theta is brainwave activity associated with daydreaming states and Beta with cognitive endeavors. The lower the ratio, the more focused that person's brain is able to be.


2. Frontal lobes: the right side is slower (more slow activity like theta and alpha). This is why Dai’s positive outlook at life is quite marked. The left frontal side of the brain is responsible for processing positive affect, the right side is in charge of the negative stuff. So when you record less activity on the right is means that that part is less active and the person has the ability to see more of the full glass.

3. Stubborness (aka determination): oh man. Loads of that. A Champion in the field!

Visit Dai @ www.daimanuel.com

"Dai is a Cool Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger & Digital Influencer." and a soon to be published author of "the Wholelife Fitness Manifesto". He is a fitness Guru, and a great guy. To me he is a friend, and husband of my bestie Christie.

He is an alcohol-free and dairy-free person, whose daughters are called Brie and Chardonnay. Fantastic!

It was good to see you Dai, good Luck with everything and get ready to become a Celebrity :-)

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