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#Chad’s beautiful profile: crafting a beautiful, fun, authentic, simple and awesome world.


Chad is a catalyst, an online marketing strategist, an event (aka super event) manager and, frankly speaking, a rockstar.

He has this unique quality to make each of his friends feel like they are his favourite (except me, I am really his favourite lol). I think people are naturally attracted by his charisma.

He works with cutting edge solutions and combines digital, experiential, social and conventional marketing methods and makes stuff (magic) happen.


meet Chad @


#3 things about Chad’s beautiful brain: 


1.Top of the head: Chad is feeling tired today and he thinks maybe he is getting a flu or something. Despite the brain showing signs of this (isnt it just amazing), you can still see this amazing man’s qualities. Again focus! Theta/beta ratio, the most important factor for attention measurement, is really good!

2. Frontal lobes: Chad is a man with «strong emotional foundations». His frontal lobes are very well balanced. This man is an emotional rock. You will not see him crumble under stress. All the contrary. He will flourish.

3. Front of the head: .58 in stubborness. Chad is determined but flexible. He has a strong motivation but he can adapt and bend. Good qualities to work with others and be a good leader!


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