#Spencer’s beautiful profile: Guiding people to SuperHuman functioning!

Spencer Coppin is a husband, a dad to Makai and Beau, and an awesome guy. He is a Registered Acupuncturist and was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and yet he has moved further and he is now a Functional Medicine specialist.

He deals with beautiful things such as Cell Membrane Analysis, BioMarker identification, BioIdentical Hormone Replacement, NeuroChemistry evaluation and Energy Medicine therapy. The future of medicine!

Spencer is an avid athlete and I did not know yet (sorry, Spencer!) that he is a former professional soccer player with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

In may he hosts a fantastic Convention called Superhuman Summit that all of us, engaged in pionerisitc approaches to health, should check out!

#3 things about Spencer’s beautiful brain


Where does it get measured: top of the head (CZ).

Another focused brain!!!Spencer’s brain is very efficient: not only at baseline his values are very nice and low, indicative of a focused brain but also under task (for example as he is reading a book) his brain indicates marker associated with even stronger focus and attention. Well done!



(Where does it get measured: Frontal lobes)

Spencer’s right side of the brain is slightly more active. The right frontal cortex is responsible for processing negative affect. Many enterpreneur and successfull people are prone to see «the potential danger» aka what might go wrong in a future scenario or situation. That’s why they are so successfull. Good for you, Spencer: wise and cautious!


Where does it get measured: (midline of the forehead).

And again: another stubborn (aka determined) individual in this #beautifulbrainproject!. To become a Whitecap player, succeed in a pioneristic profession, accomplish goals and constantly wanting to learn new things as Spencer, you need a good dose of that!,

All of these qualitites are measurable (that's what we did here) but they are also trainable.

Once you have the parameters you want to train (Spencer's qualities, for example), with neurofeedback equipment you can teach the brain to be in those states of focus, of determination etc. In a way, you can teach your brain to be more "Spencer-like". How exciting!

visit Spencer @ www.spencercoppin.com

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