#Alexa’s beautiful profile: “fall in love with as many things as possible”

Alexa Mazzarello is wonderful. She is a storyteller who tells stories using multi modalities, such as photography, art, poetry, beauty, videos, sounds. She is an Artist with a capital A.

She came up with something incredible called ‪#‎bodythoughts‬, a four days artistic experience around bodies and people's perception of them.

I met Alexa and the minute I met her (sorry, this might sound cheesy), I felt a really strong (italian) affection for her.

She comes from Ottawa, studied @ a top university, got herself a governmental/ golden-cheque job, and quit. Of course.

She had to create #bodythoughts and be ready like she is to bring it across the country and abroad. The world is hers.

#3 things about Alexa’s beautiful brain

The more brains I look at, the more similarities I discover. Certain traits are similar, even if each of them is very special.

1. FOCUS!!! At the top of the head: Alexa’s brain is super focused. Her theta/beta ratio, golden standard measure for attention, is way below any critical range for ADD. Again, most probablly part of the ingredients to be a badass achiever involve being focused!:

2. CREATIVITY!!! At the back of the head: wow. She has a very rich and strong Alpha response. What does that mean? That when she closes her eyes, Alpha (a brainwaves associated with inner focus, visualisation, imagination aka creativity) goes up (as expected) but here goes up 4 times as much as expected.

3. DETERMINATION: And again: stubborness. Alexa is the youngest #beautifulbrain measured so far and the champ of stubborn determination. Way to go, my girl. Girls power!

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