#6 BEAUTIFUL BRAINS PROJECT: Danielle Hoogenboom

#Danielle’s beautiful profile: “Yoga should be food for your soul, and your life is a constant expression of both your heart and practice”

Some time ago I hosted my beautiful friend, Danielle Hoogenboom, who is an artist, a yoga guru and instructor, a clothing designer, an entrepreneur, a therapist, and a social activist and I took some EEG readings of her beautiful brain. Nowadays, we are even buddies and we collaborate @ Yoga for the Brain, an educational program on Stress and Trauma (and Healing!) for Yoga Teachers and Mental Health professionals.

What strikes me the most is her relentlessness, joyfullness and that she is a passionate dreamer. And then, after she has dreamt, she gets things done!

New possibilities, new ideas, new horizons expand.‪#‎beautifulbrainsproject‬

Check Danielle's website

and join her in February in Jamaica for her amazing workshop!

#3 things about Danielle's beautiful brain


Where does it get measured: top of the head (CZ).

And another one!!!

We start to see a pattern here on the #beautiful brains.

Theta-Beta ratio, the ratio between brainwaves associated with daydreaming (Theta) and the brainwaves associated with cognitive activity (Beta) is low (low is good), and decreases during Danielle's cognitive challenge (reading). So it seems like #beautiful brains are focused brains! surprise to nobody!



(Where does it get measured: top of the head CZ and back O1)

When we close our eyes, we inhibit the visual cortex, and naturally Alpha (associated with visualisation and creativity) goes up. Normally, according to this database (the Swingle method), you would expect an increase in Alpha of 30% at Cz and of 50% at O1. Danielle's response is almost 5 times as much. Again: surprise to nobody, given she is an Artist with capitol A.


Where does it get measured: (midline of the forehead).

And again: she is stubborn too!!! Grit and determination to be fierce and sweet and achieve so many amazing results.

So, let me remind you: the qualitites that we measure are also trainable.

In the case of a person with ADD, there will be clear marker to indicate that the brain is inefficient and uncapable of staying on task. The Theta/Beta ratio (remember, we spoke about it?) would be too high (high is not good). in Neurofeedback, using guidelines coming from a healthy database (like Danielle), the brain of a person with ADD can be trained out of it.

I think this is amazing cause it offers a valid, scientifically endorsed alternative to medication. Awesome, isn't it?


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