#Peter’s beautiful profile: You will feel WAY better!

Wait. These are his credentials: Peter is a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.), Registered TCM Herbalist(R.TCM.H.), and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM.). He also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE), and ALSO he served as the President of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia from 2007-2010. (I did not know this when I met him, otherwise I would have called him Dr. President Wood. ;-)

Peter is a Chi fan, an expert in the field of Asthma, Allergies and Eczema. He has an awesome wife, Kate, who is a style icon and whom I adore (and I never get the chance to see).

Also he rocks it on the yoga mat, and I met him at a yoga retreat on Galiano Island (with bellissime Mara Branscombe and Ali Shafer ).

#3 things about dr. President Wood ;-)’s beautiful brain

Beautiful Brains features are shaping up:

1. FOCUS, At the top of the head, (remember, a site of the head called CZ, central cortex). Pete’s brain, just like all the other #beautifulbrains so far, is very focused. Remember whe spoke about theta/beta ratio, the golden standard measure for attention, (there is good, reliable scientific evidence of correlation between high theta/beta ratio and the incidence of ADD, so the lower the ratio the better).

Also, when under task (aka reading a book), dr. Wood's theta/beta ratio goes down, a good ability of the brain to become more focused when engaged in a cognitive activity.

2. SMART: Pete's Alpha Peak Frequency is high aka Pete is smart. Rememebr we said that Alpha is a very complex and interesting brainwave and we look at its Peak bandwidth. Given that Alpha comprises a range between 8Hz and 12 Hz, the higher the dominant frequency, the more "alert", fine tuned the brain. High Alpha is external focus, imagine a fox walking in a forest, feeling confident and very alert. Actually, think of a bear instead, I forgot we are in Canada.

3. DETERMINATION: Luckily for Mrs. Kate Wood, Pete is not overly stubborn. His brain is determined, but not excessively rigid.

You are awesome, dr. President Peter WOOD!!

explore Pete's website here

and feel WAY better!!!


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