#10 BEAUTIFUL BRAINS PROJECT: Nicola Fairweather

#Nicola’s beautiful profile: Defining your own Voice!

Nicola holds a BA (Hons) in Law and Business Studies, and completed a Legal Practitioners Course in Law with Distinction at Staffordshire University.

Today, Nicky is a LinkedIn Expert, no wait, she is a LinkedIn Guru. Her new company, SocialBrandinc supports individuals and companies to use LinkedIn to increase brand engagement and fill sales pipelines.

With her gorgeous personality and kindness, she teaches you how to "become an effective brand ambassador by giving you the tools you need to enhance your marketing reach – and result" aka she sets you up for success!

She is not just a pretty face (although very pretty ;-), she is also an intelligent woman engaged in active politics and a board member of NPA Vancouver. Further more, she is involved in charity work for example with Starlight Children's Foundation Canada and she is always looking at ways to support our community.

Nicky is an avid athlete, and one of the hottest girls at the gym, she loves cycling, milk tea (she is a Brit after all) and I can witness what a loyal friend she is.

#3 things about Nicola's super beautiful brain

1. FOCUS: At the top of the head, (maybe now you know it is a site of the head called CZ, central cortex): Nicky’s brain, just like all the other #beautifulbrains so far, is very focused. Her Theta/Beta ratio, is the golden standard measure for attention, is very good, aka very low. Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder have a very high Theta/Beta ratio, so the lower the better!

2. DOER: At the midline portion of her forehead, @a site called Fz, Nicky is all business! She does stuff! I am looking here at Low/High Alpha ratio: this indicates an efficient brain, that is creative but it is also able to put ideas in practice!

3. DETERMINATION: again the midline portion of her forehead, @ Fz: she has the golden marker for the #beautiful brains! Nicky too has a stubborn, gritty, determined attitude!

You are awesome, Nicky!

"Every company has a compelling story": Nicky will work with you to "disseminate and amplify yours through utilizing your employees social networks".

To see how explore Nicola's website here

#beautifulbrains #beautifulbrain

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