#Angie’s beautiful profile: "Let's do great work together, yes?"

Angie and I went through loads together and have learnt and done a lot together. She is my daughter's style icon, and if you met her she would be yours too.

She one of the most creative individuals living in Vancouver. ;-) She recently decided to pursue her talents and has become a writer, designer and talent consultant.

She is really passionate in supporting individuals lead more positive lives (thanks for being my friend and inspiring me!), creating engaging communities and building better work environments.

She is awesome!

#3 things about Angie’s beautiful brain

yey for Beautiful Brains features:

1. FOCUS, At the top of the head (this site located at the top of the head is called CZ, central cortex). Focus! Focus! Angie’s brain, just like all the other #beautifulbrains so far, is very focused. Just like in the previous blogs, we spoke about theta/beta ratio, the golden standard measure for attention,

Generally, according to this database (let me remind you, this is not my database, but Dr. Swingle's, in Vancouver, Canada), when this ratio is below 2.2, the brain is good at focusing.

2. SMART: Yes! my friend, my beautiful friend is smart! here we are looking at her Low Alpha/High Alpha ratio. You generally want more High Alpha than Low Alpha. Top Athletes and top performers have brains able to shift into High Alpha states (have you ever heard of flow states and the theory behind it by Prof. Csikszentmihalyi? ... It's the secret of happiness!). Well, Angie has a good (aka low) Low Alpha/High Alpha ratio!

3. DETERMINATION: Angie, you are a doer, an achiever, once you get an idea in your mind, you go for it! I love it of you. High values in a ratio called High Beta/Beta ratio indicate this. It seems to depend on a part of the brain called the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus, responsible for initiating action. When that part is fast (aka active aka there is loads of High Beta activity) then invididuals stick with the action they have initiated. All of the #beautiful brains so far have this feature.

You are awesome, Angie Coates and I love ya (and Blanca does too!)

explore Angie's website here

and lead a more positive life!!

#beautifulbrains #beautifulbrain

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