#Connor’s beautiful profile: "the group is stronger than the lone wolf and together, we can make an impact the world will forever remember"

Connor is one of the coolest guys in town:-). He was just featured on the Province and the National Post for being the founder of ManTalks, he has worked for one of the coolest companies in the world, his girlfriend is a self-love Goddess (soon to be featured in this blog too), he was an Opera singer, and frankly speaking he spreads kindness all around him every time you meet him.

If we could only know his secret... ;-)

Well, here are some hints given from his brainwaves profile:

#3 things about Connor’s beautiful brain

1. SHARP: This man is sharp! how do we know that? well, one way is to look at all his accomplishments. The other is to look at the Alpha density in his frontal cortex. Alpha is a beautiful and complex brainwave. It is associated with creativity and ability to visualize. Often a distinction is made between Low Alpha, which is more seen in activities that require inner focus (for example in meditation), and High Alpha, more associated with external focus (for example in athletic performance). The higher High Alpha, the higher is Alpha density, the sharper is the brain.

This man is sharp!

2. BALANCED: Balanced frontal lobes indicate a solid emotional regulation, the ability to hold composure, to self-regulate without big roller coasters in his mood. No markers for depression.

3. SWEETHEART MARKER: frontally there is a marker associated with determination and stubbornness. Connor is the only one so far to have a different feature. He does what he does not thanks to stubbornness but to kindness and politeness. A true Canadian feature? Did you know this, Kelsey Grant?

A true leader, Maestro Connor!

explore Mantalks website here

man up!. ;-)

#beautifulbrain #beautifulbrains

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