#Kelsey’s beautiful profile: Ready to take the leap and learn to love you?!

Kelsey is the Vancouver Guru of Self Love Coaching. She is "a Radical Self Love coach, writer, facilitator and musician. (She is) expert in conversations of the self love variety and super passionate about creating game changing love-filled relationships".

I have met her in several situations, from Man Talks events (as a Master of Ceremony ad honorem, greeting people in, tweeting and posting on the social medias as the events unfold), to the Sisterhood Sacred Circle she facilitates (reading sacred cards, listening to vulnerable women stories, as she shared hers). What always strikes me is her charisma. This mix between sweetness and being grounded, between being warm and compassionate and being rooted and centered.

She is also beautiful.

#3 things about Kelsey's beautiful brain

1. FOCUSED!!, The top of the head (remember, a site of the head called CZ, central cortex) gives us information about the ability for the brain to focus on a task. Kelsey’s brain, just like all the other #beautifulbrains, is focused!!!! I know this girl can sit and write down content, material, courses, blogs and articles for hours.

2. OHH CREATIVE: I had forgotten that Kelsey is also a musician. She has what might be called the "artist signature". Creative, creative, creative. How do we know that? I ask the participants to close their eyes and I look at what Alpha does with the eyes closed condition. With Alpha (a brainwaves associated to visualization) going up, it indicates that the brain starts to have images, ideas etc.... On average, we expect and increase of 50%: Kelsey's was 161%! ;-)

3. ENTREPRENEUR MARKER: Kelsey has a marker that indicated a fair level of determination and also a propensity to see the potential problem in a project, a feature many accomplished entrepreneurs have...

It was a pleasure to have you, Kelsey Grant...

explore Kelsey''s website here

and take the leap and learn to love yourself!

#beautifulbrains #beautifulbrain

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