#Russ’ beautiful profile: Creating a culture of collective leadership so that the Kit and Ace people live a life of their own design.

Russ is a Professional Co-Active Coach and has a cool job as Head of Creative Leadership and other stuff @ Kit and Ace.

I met him in my office for the first time and was so joyfully delighted by his calm and charismatic aura. His charm has something of George Clooney and his way of speaking reminded me a little bit of Tony Robbins (I know, Russ, you can thank me later :-).

He defines himself as "a sensitive, social and conceptual human being, with some eccentric energy". Love it!

#3 things about Russ' beautiful brain

1. FOCUSED., At the central cortex there is a marker (called theta beta ratio) that measures the ability for the brain to be focused and concentrated. The lower this ratio, the more focused. Russ' ratio is 1.24 which is very low aka very good, and when he reads it goes down to 1, which means he can focus and pay attention when under task.

2. CALM: Russ' markers at the back of the brain indicate that he has good skills in quieting the brain and calming racing thoughts. In general, the brain is prone to always worry and fret, and with meditation and other techniques we can learn how to gently quiet the brain. Russ seems to have invested in doing this.

3. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Russ is obviously a charismatic man and also open and confident enough to be able to say that he is "sensitive". With Theta higher at the right frontal location (F4), this might be the case.

It was great to meet you, Russ Parker.

Continue doing what you are doing, supporting people live a life of their own design!

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