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tonight was the night to take a MOMENT

Thanks to the Social Yoga for hosting me. Social Yoga is a concept created around yoga and community. It entails highly creative and cool activities interlaced with a yoga class. You might have the Bike Gang- Social Yoga, where you go around town with your yoga friends before hitting the mat, or you might have the Social Yoga Field Trip, happily hiking, dining and yoga-ing with your buddies. Tonight is was Story Telling- Social Yoga. Yoga session and then a guest telling a story. A true story. A meaningful story. Tonight the mic was for me

And for me it was clear since the moment I got invited that I wanted to talk about meditation, and our project called MOMENT.

When we were brain storming about Moment and our ambition to create THE WORLD'S FIRST FLEET OF MOBILE MEDITATION STUDIOS we listened to loads of people. What we heard the loudest is, one one side, that everyone of us is craving for a stronger sense of community and on the other, that we all want to LEARN more. More education about meditation is key.

Why? Because there are loads of misconceptions around meditation.The trickiest being maybe that "meditation is about silencing the brain". Well, it is not. Do you wonder why Brene Brown has become so well-loved? because the is the Guru of vulnerability. Now, meditation is about that. Meditation is facing once own vulnerability, imperfection and busy brain.

So tonight I chose to share my own story, the whole story, or at least a big chunk of it. My own fears, and imperfections and wrong strategies to deal with pain. And then the MOMENT I chose to do something different and I decided to dig deep into meditation.

It was a great night and I really thank my buddy, friend and colleague Anita for rockin' it.

Check back soon
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