#Nikki’s beautiful profile: “Click your way to motivation...”


Nikki. Oh Nikki. First of all, you are so beautiful! 


Also Nikki is a girlboss! 


Listen here: she was a Producer for super TV programs such as NBC's Emmy-nominated "The Apprentice" or Oprah Winfrey's "Your Own Show", just to name a few !. 


Nikki was a track and field athlete and a ballet dancer (you can see the strength and the sweetness coexist in her body). 


She, then, became a fitness champion, and won several titles like the BikiniMuscleContest.com Masters division and Placed Top 10 in the Masters division at Bikini Fitness Universe! Hello !!


Today she has an online publication: BFW magazine and runs interactive workshops as Nikkigrowfit Fitness


Nikki's is a writer, a story teller, a relentless motivator and 360 degrees Goddess in the health and fitness industry.


She is pure inspiration for everybody wanting to propel Their Own strength, and  to bring harmony into their bodies, minds and souls. She is also a big romantic, and I have a total crash on her.



Check her out on her website


and on instagram nikkigrowfit





Where does it get measured: top of the head (CZ).


is she focused? YEP! you gotta it, she is.

Theta-Beta ratio, the ratio between brainwaves associated with daydreaming (Theta) and the brainwaves associated with cognitive activity (Beta) is at champion's levels. The lower the ratio (aka the lower THeta compared to Beta) the better. 


(Where does it get measured: top of the head CZ and back O1) 


When we close our eyes, we inhibit the visual cortex, and naturally Alpha (associated with visualisation and creativity) goes up. Nikki is so creative in her way of expressing her heart and passion! It shows in the EEG: loads of nice, strong Alpha, baby.



3.STUBBORNESS (aka determination) & SMARTNESS!

Where does it get measured: (midline of the forehead).


This girl is sharp as a whip! She is the sharpest knife in the drawer (Canadian expressions I learnt!). 


Anyways, when we look at Alpha, and see that there is loads like in her case, we want to make sure that Alpha dominant frequency is fast.


This is an incomprehensible sentence to most of us.


Let me try to make it more simple: Alpha is a brainwave comprising of 5 single frequencies or Hertz. 8 Hz, 9 Hz, 10 Hz, 11 Hz, 12 Hz. We consider 8 Hz and 9 Hz low Alpha, and we would like them to be less strong than High Alpha (11 and 12 Hz) for the brain to be externally focused and efficient. It is a quality, this of having dominant High Alpha, that can be observed in top Athletes. 

Also, again, no surprise: she is Stubborn and determined (sorry Patrick ;-).



So, let me remind you: the qualitites that we measure are also trainable.


In this blog, we spoke about High Alpha as dominant frequency. What

Neurofeedback can do for top Athletes is measuring what their Alpha Peak Frequency is and then, while being connected to a sensor, they can train to increase it.


Every time the software detects an increase in Alpha Frequency from the sensor, it will reward the athlete with a sound, a tone, a music or an animation moving on a screen. 


Exciting. Real brain Gym!!!




 visit Nikki

visit Nikki online. This is her website

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