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#18 BEAUTIFUL BRAINS PROJECT: MOMENT series. Inside the brain of MOMENT people: Colin Brown.

#Colin’s beautiful profile: "Simplyfing the world one excel sheet at a time." (The Dream Boy)

Colin is our resident sales expert at Moment Meditation. He is a licensed pilot (yes, an airplane pilot, wow!), he has a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. He is the kindest person in the Mainland and girls call him "the Dream Boy" (he is).

Also, he was born on Valentine's day. Aww!

We took a look at his brain activity and here is what we found.

Colin, or captain Brown, is quite focused and can focus more when under task (Theta/beta ratio 2.13 at baseline, and 2.02 under task).

He is an athlete, loves sports, and he NEEDS sports, as he has some markers of physical restlessness :-)

He is sharp as a whip (Alpha peak frequency 10.9)

When he closes his eyes, his brain gets a little restless. ;-) (good time to take a Moment...)

He scored a Guinness record:

He is the most stubborn of the Kingdom.

Way to go, we need all that grit Colin!

ps. thank for being you.

#beautifulbrain #beautifulbrains #neurofeedback #biofeedback #VancouverBrainLab

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