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Being Superhuman and the art of slowing down your Ferrari

"Superhuman Summit is a single day speaker-focused event presenting ideas on how to advance your human potential. A collection of expert speakers, musical performances, and lunchtime breakouts led by unique specialists will lead you to become more superhuman.

This single-day showcase presents lessons, stories and practices from superhuman specialists that are rooted in science, practiced achievement and tested technologies. Each speaker and experience embodies qualities that exceed those found in normal humans, but have sounded application for the lifelong learner.

Join fellow explorers, rebels, limit breakers, risk takers, evolutionists, society changers, future thinkers and immortality tinkerers for a unique take on how to improve the quality and quantity of your life."

...and I was one of the speakers.

Spencer Coppin, co-founder at Lifeprotocol, functional medicine expert, friend and #beautifulbrainproject guest, had invited me to participate to the second edition of this event.

I am grateful for the invitation and glad that I accepted. What a day it was.

+First of all, such a good vibe. Spencer and his brother Fraser are simply awfully kind human beings. At the conference, I understood how they became so humble and grounded, despite being not only smart and competent, but also GQ-handsome. I happened to have a chat with papa Coppin, legendary dr. James. When I asked him if he felt proud of how Spencer was leading the stage, he looked at me rather astonished, and said "I feel the same as when Spencer was 9 yrs old, in the locker room with the other soccer boys, and I just saw him as one of the boys, just one of the boys", and then he smiled, with a kind, radiant (and rather proud) smile. That must have been the secret. Endorsement, warmth and yet groundedness.

+Second. Curator. This year Superhuman got to the next level, with the help of a professional curator. and What a curator. Jordan Kallman is, together with Tyson Villeneuve, the most competent event creator in Vancouver and a hot commodity. With his company, The Social Concierge, he is the man behind the most incredible events in town, Everything ran as smooth as maple syrup. He is a perfectionist and he creates perfection. He curates the speeches, the stage, the schedule and I am sure everything else, down to the water bottles.

+and third. Content. Rich, innovative, compelling. Superhuman stories and accomplishments. I was so proud and delighted to be part of this event. Dai Manuel, another good friend, talking about the power of potential, of community, of health, of fun. Dai, and his wife, my soul sister Christie, and their two girls have left their home and belongings one year ago and have been exploring Canada ever since, homeschooling the girl and spending quality time as a family, visiting grand-parents and friends.

And then: Rober Fraser, a king in the field of molecules, a pioneer in personalized medicine and a super nice fellow! Garth Webb, a visionary in the field of sight augmentation with the Bionic Lens technology. Conor Russomanno, wanting to "democratize neurotechnology!", promoting open source, exchange of data and info.

Jordan Lejuwaan, founder of Futurism, talking about fast approaching digital reality. The awesome Diane Blackburn, who gave a presentation on Quantum Leaps being reflected in Blood Analysis. Of course, that makes sense!

Reuben Major, who fed us all. And gave us the elixir of long life. I love his story of a rural, awesome and (rough) childhood in Golden, Bc. What a guy! Dr. Cory Holly, who is a living "Encyclopedia" :-) and has his own teaching institute in the field of products formulation, dietary analysis and exercise!. I have not had to opportunity to talk to him but he looks like an happy, accomplished guy, so I would love to talk to him soon. (Lucky I will, as he will interview me soon for his youtube channel. :-)

Jan Venter! where did you go? I could not talk to this awesome fellow neurofeedback expert. But I will try to track him down sooner or later to talk about his amazing endeavours in brain health. and then more: Scott Novich had some amazing wearable technology that allow speech recognition through the body. It will help disabled people to hear with their bodies other than with their ears.

Last, at last, Jesse Billauer, who became quadriplegic 20 years ago after a surfing accident, and has been working with his foundation ever since, to facilitate "Epic surf and skate events for wheelchair athletes". Way to roll.

What a day. What an incredible day. And I was part of it. Talking about Heart Rate variability and the art and science of slowing down. To achieve more, to be happier, to live longer. Through breathing, and more precisely through Out-breath, slowing down the heart rate and increasing vagal tone, you are increasing your over-all health. We demonstrated this to people, in our Moment Meditation Lab. It was great.

Videos soon to be released.

Check back soon
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