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"I have sent one of my best friends to come see you. He has had his career ended because of neck/concussion issues.  


I know his personality and I know you. He needs to come see you and only you. You understand us and if he is going to make a significant effort to come from out of town and do this I want to make sure it's with you. 


He is ok with waiting until you have time but he's not interested in seeing anyone else". 



- K.E. (former hockey superstar, current amazing human, BC outdoors top guide and overall great guy)

"Hiroko Demichelis has a way of assessing, relating and healing like no one else I've known. 


Her positive psychology is at once intuitive and scientific. 


Her knowledge is backed up by clinical work but it's her natural way of evoking a variety of helpful perspectives that make for an incredibly worthwhile and enriching experience."


- M. I. (TV celebrity, model for inner and outer beauty, best smile in Canada, but not just a pretty face ;-)

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